ERP Software

December 15, 2013

ERP Software

ERP software like SAP will help organization run better; but what is ERP Software, why SAP is the leading software for ERP?

ERP Software mainly for managing company’s resources like human, money, logistic, sale and distribution and manufacturing..
Basically, ERP is abbreviation of Enterprise Resource planning.

ERP software from SAP ERP System mainly focus on SAP Modules of SD, MM, HR, FI.

SD –>  Sales and Distribution

MM–>  Material Management

HR–>  Human Resources

FI –>  FInancial Management

ERP Software for SAP

Basically ERP Software for SAP can be describe as following:

Following are the short keys for the ERP Software for SAP:

ERP Softwaren short keys for SAP Modules
1 /n Return to the Home Screen
/n + Transaction code open in same screen
2 /o+transaction code Open a new session, max 6 sessions
3 Transaction code can be found going to system status or Status in the menu bar
4 we can add custom transaction object by adding Z or Y transaction code infront, then modify at ABAP and assign it
5 we can see the transaction code from status menu –>  system
7 ERP Software SAP Upgrade
1 Technical Upgrade : Review new function  in the package
2 Function upgrade:  Explore and prevent using custom program
 ERP Softwaren SAP ASAP Methodology
6 ASAP Methodology SAP recommeded approach for implementing SAP projects
Phase 1: Project Preparation:
Executives participants 1 Goal setting define project goals and objective
2 Implementation Strategy
Calrify the scope of implementation
establish the project organization and relevent committee
and assign resources
3 Implementation Sequence
Define sequence in project has to be executed
4 Team
Core team, project team, consultant team
Phase 2: Business Blueprint
Functionsal Leads 1 Scope Document
2 As is Current condition
3 To be future blueprint
4 Gap Analysis What is the standard function, additional developer, understand the GAP analysis and identify custom development will be need
understand the complexity and priority !!!  object process
5 Sign Off
Phase 3: Realization phase
Functionsal Leads 1 Base Line Major Scope: Major business process
ABAP Developer 2 Final Configuration
Configuration to meet client requirement
ABAP development to address the clients customer
*  Need to understand the Configuration, and functional specification
*  Determine the custome development, then need to write the Functional Specification !
    Detail the functinoal requirement for custom development
*  Technical Specification
SAP for Custome Development need to fullfill the WRICEP process
WRICEP Workflow: Understand the order business process and need approval process when order is placed.. What is approval process
Reports reports for sales order
Interface what is the interface to integrate all the third parties, functionos, tables,
Conversions materials, pricing, data need to move from legacy system to SAP
Enhancement additional enhancing requirement for SAP requirement
Form LOGO on the form, delivery confirmation, using special template to make customer form
Phase 4: Final Preparation
Functionsal Leads 1 Unit Testing
End users, client 2 Integration Testing
Support 3 Core
Go Live and Hyper care
Phase 5: 1 move from project oriented, pre production environment to live production operation
2 setup production support, monitoring system transaction,
optimizing overall system performace
3 when go live the system is kept under monitoring for support
for small period of hyer care 2 to 3 months
1-  Understand what is the standard functions od SAP, ERP Modules, configuration of the SD module, need to know the standard SAP Function !!
      SAP will not support the custom project
      need to save money for client, if custom project, need to consider the maintaince and support for the futrue of clients
2-  Extended project is the project when business will expand the IT to another sector of the business
WHAT ERP Software for SAP Enhancement Package Mean?
ECC 6.0 Enhancement Package 6.0 -
Integration of all business process
What is the Basic ERP Software Modules for SAP?


Logistic SAP SD
SAP SD Identify by business process
A QtC Quote to Cash
OtC Order to Cash
B PtP Plan to Produce
C RtC Requistion to Check
SAP Arichitecture
SAP ECC have 3 layers concept
1 Presentation layer
2 application layer
3 database layer
ABAP Advance Business Application Program
BASIS Database Admin, user ID, password, transaction
SAP Landscape
SAP Sandbox Development Integration Quality/UAT Production
Client 100 for configuration (NO DATA)
Client 200 for Development(NO DATA)
Client 800 for Unit test (DATA)
Recorded in transports


ERP Software for Small to mid size business

Another type of ERP Software for SAP Small owner to midsize is called Business One.

At SAP, a product call Business ONE is mainly for small to mid size enterprise.  Business One ERP Software info can be found at ERP Software for SAP Small Business Owner.

ERP Software Business One